The New Aurizon


Yesterday QR National’s share holders voted over whelmingly in favour of changing its name to ‘Aurizon’ at its extraordinary general meeting in Brisbane. Cornwell has been consulting with QR for over three years, and provided brand consulting to support the Queensland Government’s listing of QR National on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2010.


Rewinding Melbourne’s Pause (digital) Festival

The Pause Stage speakers discussing the future of their industries.

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the Pause Stage Conference (Melbourne Exhibition Centre) aimed as professional development for the creative industries. It was part of the third day of the Pause Digital Festival. Pause Festival is a series of events held annually over the second week in November. To see more visit: It was a real meeting of the (digital) minds from around


The World of Maps


As the Apple Map debacle continues, I thought we could take a look at an array of worldly examples of maps that actually work. Maps are continually used in today’s world to visualize data; from their classic functional purpose to get to A to B or to the intertweb’s interoperation for tracking geodata and trends. Below are some examples of the best: Weeplaces: Check-ins are a record of your experiences, activities, and places you’ve been.


RedBubble Re-Launch


RB stands for artists – thousands of artists. Redbubble is an online resource for artists allowing them to share and even sell their creations with a growing audience of art lovers spanning the globe – hungry for artworks as unique as they are. Cornwell was engaged to develop a communications strategy and new brand that not only captured the essence of their offer but one that


Developing Brands for the Connected Consumer


Contemporary brand communications isn’t about choosing one channel over another; it’s about rethinking how all of the marketing channels are working together. The way a majority 
of marketers “coordinate” their marketing channels right now 
is broken: Even today, most marketers develop their TV ads 
first and then hand them to an interactive team in the hope 
they can build a site or a banner campaign that




Democracy as we know it, is being redefined. The images that play out across our multiple screens of uprisings across the Middle East and Africa, act more as light entertainment before a deliciously mind-numbing episode of X Factor rather than something significant that impacts the way we live. Social networks and the socially connected web have been powerful rallying tools in helping us change this behaviour.


Community Commitment

Tamarama Surf Life Saving Club

Dulux is offering 100 litres of its Weathershield exterior paint to recoat each of the 310 surf clubs around Australia. Whilst this is a hugely generous commitment to the surf life saving community, it is a marketing campaign to sell more paint. But unlike other big business that sponsor an array of generic community events like sporting teams and arts projects, Dulux have conceived a clever


Brands turning up in unexpected places

Sportsgirl teams on the street

We’re currently working with an online retailer and part of the brief is to look how we can promote their brand offline. There are the traditional mediums like TV, radio, print and outdoor media, but the most engaging brands are those that pop up in places where you’d least expect to see them. When you see a brand step outside their traditional territory and innovate in


Success looks different depending on where you sit.

What is success?

One of the perplexing aspects of collaboration between clients and agencies is the different views on what success looks like. Naturally, clients must act with care, forethought and a long view on what they are trying to achieve. While agencies understand this they are under pressure for immediate results. The exciting result is often calculated risks. And while the combined team will coalesce around the current


Type Travel

Type is everywhere

People often talk of wanting a new perspective on things. This usually means they want a holiday. But shifting our view on the stuff that surrounds us can be revealing. Maybe not as much as skinny dipping in the Bahamas, but enough for you to at least appreciate the beauty right where you are. Over a couple of weeks I decided to carefully observe and capture